a Fullstack developer

My name is Peter, i'm 18 year old self taught developer. My nickname on the internet is P33t

About Me (err)

Technologies i use

My Work

Verse Scripts

Fivem Store
Verse Scripts is a FiveM script store specializing in high-quality scripts. We have a growing base of over 550 happy customers. This is currently my main project, and the website is built using Next.js with Mantine.

Zenet Hosting

Hosting provider
Zenet is a free hosting provider. We have been in operation since 2021, but I recently experienced burnout, so I'm not actively involved anymore. We have more than 1500 users and receive over 600,000 requests every month

Verse Bin

Code bin
I've created this code bin because I couldn't find any good-looking ones where I own the data. It's built with Next.js, Mantine, and Prisma, and it's using PostgreSQL as a database. It's relatively new, so it does not have many users yet